Wednesday, November 30, 2011

George's List of Inspiration 2011

1. Arctic Monkeys- Suck it and See

I feel like I purchased this classic album off the BMG Music site years ago. Turner has such a great voice, and album screams with maturity. Between this effort, the Submarine EP, and the Miles Kane solo project I am thirsting for the next Last Shadow Puppets album.

2. Frank Ocean- Nostalgia, Ultra

After being ignored by Def Jam for a year Frank Ocean gave this album away free. He will no longer be ignored...the freshest voice since Kanye has my song of the year in "Novacane."

3. Watch The Throne

All of the excess that I expected and wanted...

4. The Weeknd- House of Balloons

Incredible ambient R&B with an Ethiopian Canadian flavor. If you had a threesome this past year, most likely it was to this album.

5. Noel Gallagher- High Flying Birds

I named my son after him, you didn't think I would leave this album out did you? Noel's B-sides remind us what early Radiohead used to sound like before they decided to emulate R2D2 and 3-CPO, and his solo album proves he can still write a hook effortlessly...Looking forward to his 2012 collaboration with Amorphous Androgynous.

6. Washed Out- Within and Without

The premiere chillwave album of the year. I cut my grass to this 100x this year...

7. Smith Westerns- Dye it Blonde

Brit pop out of Chicago...count me in. Have been opening up for the Arctic Monkeys on their current tour.

8. Miles Kane- Colour of the Trap

Did I mention I am looking forward to the new Shadow Puppets album? Cool as they come solo debut and one hell of a sexy video in "Come Closer." Added bonus: Noel Gallagher sings backing vocals in the great tune "My Fantasy."

9. Girls- Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Brings me back to the 60's and 70's...great guitar

10. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- It's A Corporate World

One of the top videos of the year in "Nothing But Our Love" this band from Detroit is less goofy and more artistic than you may think. Solid album top to bottom...

Bonus: 2011 Mixtape Preview- Available for all at the party

1. Miles Kane- Come Closer
2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.- Nothing But Our Love
3. Frank Ocean- Novacane
4. Alex Turner- Stuck On The Puzzle (Submarine EP)
5. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds- Alone On The Rope (B-Side)
6. The Weeknd- Wicked Games
7. Smith Westerns- Smile
8. Beady Eye- For Anyone
9. Girls- How Can I Say I Love You
10. M83- Midnight City
11. Jay-Z & Kanye West- New Day
12. Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx- Nightcall
13. Cocaine 80s- Tommorow
14. Arctic Monkeys- Love Is A Laserquest
15. Washed Out- You & I
16. Kasabian- La Fee Verte
17. Big Sean- Memories (Part II) ft. John Legend
18. Radiohead- Codex

Monday, November 28, 2011

Album of the year 2011

Dark Reflections from the Waters Edge - Secret Society of Starfish

Jeff Tyree's Top 10 Albums of 2011

10. Com Truise - Cyanide Sisters (EP)

Hailing from Princeton, NJ, Seth Haley (A.K.A Com Truise) released an EP that was the epitome of "Synth Heaven", yes I just made up term "Synth Heaven". This EP was later followed by a full length album entitled; Galactic Melt, which I highly recommend as well. Com Truise is only really meant to be played while driving around in a Ferrari on Miami Beach, but other listening scenarios are very enjoyable.

9. Tennis - Cape Dory

Yep, I said it... Tennis is a top ten album. Tennis is a husband and wife duo from Denver, CO that sound like Beach House & Camera Obscura, combined with a bit of a surf rock vibe. What is not to like? The album is concise, consistent, enjoyable and has a great nostalgic flair to it that conjures up a number of 60's and 70's rock influences.

8. Davila 666 - Tan Bajo

These young Puerto Ricans have created an amazing garage, psychedelia, punk, pop rock masterpiece. This album flies, yelps, screeches and wails. Don't be afraid...check these guys out!

7. Radiohead - King of Limbs

They are slippin'...but just a little. What can I say about Radiohead that hasn't been said? They are still a band that demands great respect for what they have accomplished. This album just clearly seems to be one of their weakest efforts. That being said, there are some tracks on here that are incredible.

Fact : Radiohead is still the most relevant band of my generation.

6. Smith Westerns - Dye it Blonde

The young Chicago hipsters are growing up before our very eyes. They have gone from opening up at the Empty Bottle, to headlining the Empty Bottle, to ....A Tommy Hilfiger Commercial? Not your typical ascent into stardom, but when your 19 you'll take it. This album marks significant progress for them from their debut. I am very anxious to see what lies in store for these young punks,...if they can stay off the sell out train and stop popping up in clothing commercials.

5. Washed Out - Within and Without

Raise your hand if you thought Georgia would be home to the "Bedroom Synth-Pop King"? Yeah,...that's what I thought. BTW, "Bedroom Synth-Pop King" is what I am calling Ernest Greene, the brainchild of Washed Out. Great live show at Turner Hall in Milwaukee this year. Next album will more then likely be a let down, but for now we have the early works of Washed Out to carry us through winter weather.

4. Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo

Kurt Vile is living proof that in fact it is NOT always sunny in Philadelphia. This deep, dark, guitar driven album is Vile's finest work to date. Vile was fantastic, and electric for the Pitchfork after show at Subterranean this summer. Best $15 I ever spent. Guitar Rock is in a state of critical condition these days, and acts like Kurt Vile are helping breathe life into it.

3. The Weeknd - House of Balloons (Mixtape)

Ethiopian / Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye is "The Weeknd" , and he is solely responsible for re-installing my passion for 90's R&B. This Album was completely out of now-where for me, and I have been a bit obsessed since it's release. I enjoy his other works released this year; Thursday and other tracks. Nothing compares to the sound of House of Balloons. This album reminds me of Racine, WI, Public School dances. It also reminds me of the house parties and V100 on the radio. R&B album of the year.

2. Destroyer - Kaputt!

First let me say this, I grew up in a household where Steely Dan was played quite a bit. Now that I have that said...I am all about this album, every song, every lyric. Cheers to Dan Bejar!!! The album plays as Dan Bejar looks back on his life, lamenting, reminiscing and pontificating. Lyrically this is the the strongest effort of the year for any album. This album came out early in 2011 and has been constantly in my rotation ever since. I am really bummed that I missed this show when it came around. For that I cannot give the album the top spot.

1. M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

New Rule : If you did not have Saturdays = Youth on your list, you cannot have Hurry Up, We're Dreaming on your list this year. You should have known better. You're an adult with two ears and a brain. "You know who they are,..the song from the Victoria Secret Commercials?!!!"...Ugh....

Anyway, this show was amazing. Lincoln Hall in Chicago will not have a better show there for a while. The album itself is a culmination of everything before it, and a real career apex for French born lead singer and songwriter, Anthony Gonzalez. This double album is by far the most ambitiousness work of Gonzalez's career, at times revealing his most sophisticated efforts. Midnight City is the song of the year, despite its commercial profitability. This album cements M83 in as one of the most accomplished and thoughtful acts of the last ten years.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 10 Albums of 2011 Rules & Party!!

Hey there likeminded music geeks!

Thanksgiving Weekend is almost over...and for the 9th year in a row, that means the following things:
-The Detroit Lions lost at football (ugly too...)
-That group of people camping in public turned out not to be an 'Occupy Best Buy' protest.
-You've just now snapped out of your tryptophan induced coma...only to return to a tryptophan sandwich induced coma

.......and most importantly....Matty B releases the official rules & posting instructions for the:
and reveals the date and location of "THE ANNUAL TOP TEN PARTY' this year occurring at Club Garibaldi Dec 27 8pm
So... what is this??
This an annual celebration of all things great about music where you as a likeminded music geek justify your existence by locking yourself inside, harnessing your inner obsessive, crank your stereo & start making the tough decisions to post your favorite albums of the year on my weblog:   

(past participants will notice that the blog has moved from ...look there for an ideas on what to do) 
And there's a party?
Part in parcel to this is the annual 'Top Ten Party' where the likeminded music geeks converge in person for a night of talking music, comparing lists and of course enjoying free Louie's Demise beer compliments of Milwaukee Brewing Company with creation of your list (while supplies last ).

This year's Top Ten Party takes place Dec 27 at 8pm at Club Garibaldi 2501 S Superior St Milwaukee WI

There will be "Mix CD & Online Mixtape Swap" so make sure to bring a bunch of mix CDs of your fave songs with copies of track listings or if you are so inclined create an online mixtape download link & trade them with the other likeminded music geeks! Make sure to bring your loaded up iPod or fave CDs so YOU get to play GUEST DJ throughout the evening.

(and please come ready to eat.....the good folks at Club Garibaldi have graciously donated the room....least we can do to thank them is order some of their famous chicken wings)

Talking music & raising money for a good cause
Free beer? What's the catch?  This year with your Top Ten wristband we'll request a small donation for The Kola Project which is a great organization that raises money for scholarships in Liberia... more on that here

So you should really create a it online...and come to the party...
Not only is this a great way to prove your superior taste & knowledge to your peers in list form, this is also an excellent opportunity to find out about  loads of awesome music you might have missed or overlooked this year....and if you don't like those things...there's always the beer and chicken wings.

so without further ado...pressure's on....let's get to:

All lists are posted at   
here's how...
Username: top10albums
Password: oftheyear

under "Manage Your Blogs" go to "New Post" & get listing!!
(or just e-mail them to me at & I'll put em up for you")

and now....


1. Albums of must have a release date between November 1 2010 & January 1 2012- always rule #1...always the hardest to follow... #1 complaint on this 'I haven't even listened to 10 album this year!' which i will respond to with the #2 complaint 'How can I pick just 10??', set, match.   Good sources for verifying album release date: &  itunes. 

2. Every selection must be accompanied with a short yet thoughtful explanation-'s totally fine to post your list without descriptions... it's also fine for us to assume that you are a robot who has picked your albums solely based on what they scored on Pitchfork. 

3. NO GREATEST HITS ALBUMS!!!-  Just can't do it....I have yet to hear a compelling case for why a greatest hits album should count as anything other than a self-indulgent money grab. I give you exhibit A-'Smashmouth's Greatest Hits': 20 tracks with exactly 3 hits on's crazy

4. Leaked albums -  Now that Spotify has solved the issue of internet piracy this shouldn't be an issue...right?  In the event this is not the case...should you hear something that happens to have a release date of 2012 through scrupulous or unscrupulous means...that works....just try not to post it on both your 2011 and 2012 list... cool?

5. Audio & Visual Aids encouraged-  Album Covers, embedded video, album inspired art....whatever you need to make your point!  (if you need help getting those posted, just drop me a line at & i'm happy to help)

6. Positive/Negative Comments welcome- This is all about diversity of opinion & it's definitely a good thing to encourage your fellow likeminded music fans with positive comments but you have to admit...negative comments are more fun...feel free to put those up. I noticed a lot of sax in music this year...I hope to see some Pro-Sax and Anti-Sax camps form. If things get out of line I will step in as the Troll Ref.  That said...feel free to get out of line.

7. Honorable mentions, other lists & music related year end observations extremely encouraged- best shows, most anticipated music for 2011, biggest disappointments, best app, etc etc, etc Other lists and posts are interesting & highly encouraged.

8. PLEASE share this with your music loving friends- Everyone's invited to participate.  Everyone's invited to the listening party.  (doesn't matter if we know you or not...we want your list....we want you to come to the listening party!)

9. In order to be taken seriously your list must be posted in a timely fashion- Good rule of thumb would be to get yours up by the Top Ten Party Dec 27.  You're totally free to put it up after that.  I'm sure people will pretend they saw it.
10.  Any of these rules can be bent, broken or reinterpreted at any time for any reason- Yes...rule #10=forget the rules.  I read that whole thing and now it means nothing...don't think of me as wasting your time as much as testing your patience....if you read that whole thing you must be pretty patient....You passed the test!

That should just about do it!   

Have a list-worthy day & we'll see you at The Top Ten Party December 27 at Club Garibaldi!


-Matty B

PS questions/concerns etc, you can always e-mail me at or shoot me a call at 414-333-6634